3 Months-to-view Planning Calendars

Budget Multisheet Wall Calendars

Stock Calendar - Ref: E48A
This calendar is headed by an image of Phuket, Thailand.

Calendar size: 820mm (h) x 340mm (w) open
205mm (h) x 340mm (w) folded
Each section is wire-bound.
Ad copy size:
Top: 40mm (h) x 320mm (w)
Under each date pad: 20mm (h) x 320mm (w)

 A “must-have” for exporters, importers, shipping companies or anyone who needs a broad view of the current and adjacent months for intensive planning purposes. The Planning Calendar shows three full months to view, with each wire-bound section providing its own advertising space.

 An accompanying sliding date marker can be ordered separately. The multilingual date pads include English, Portuguese, French and German and the wire-bound format facilitates easy packing and distribution.


205mm (h) x 340mm (w) folded


Customised Calendar - Ref: E48B

The top picture and advertising area combined: 205mm (h) x 340mm (w)

Can be completely personalised with the imagery and information of your choice. You can include a combination of corporate visuals, such as product photos, logos, diagrams, etc.




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Associated Industries

Associated Industries

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