Eco - Facing Extinction

Prestige Multisheet Wall Calendar

7 Page Photographic

7PG Facing Extinction 2019
7PG Facing Extinction 20192

Ref: E80D
Calendar Size: 440mm (h) x 580mm (w)
Ad Copy Size: 100mm (h) x 210mm (w)

uv varnish

 More and more companies are joining the eco movement and we’ve got a great way for those following in these green footsteps to live out their convictions and for all to align ourselves with this important cause. Facing Extinction explores the realities that six endangered species face due to global warming.

Have a read through the write-ups on each page for interesting facts, such as predictions that the Royal Bengal tigers in the Sundarbans will need scuba gear to survive rising ocean levels in their habitat or that the cheetah’s reproduction ability is negatively impacted upon by rising temperatures.

This calendar is also available in a 7 page budget version - E41B

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Associated Industries

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